glimpse: readings on technology while in LA

The concept of Music as prosthetic. (Music as prosthetic memory). 1

"Human being have been Cyborgs from year zero".2

"Which came first
the need or the system?"3

1"We crave your condescension", presented at SEM 2010 in LA by Sarah Gerk. Paper on the Mulligan Guard and the role of Irish drunkard songs in constructin and perpetuating stereotype.
2TechGnosis by Erik Davis. Book found in the tightly-packed stacks of LA Stories bookstore in EchoPark. Another wonderful quote: "Technology is trickster...the trickster shows how inteligence fairs in an unpredictable and chaotic world; he becons us through the open doors of innovation and traps us in the prison of unintended consequences."
3 "The Invention of Hunger" by Rae Armantrout, suggested by Sam Solomon in response to a series of inquiries: "Do you really like experimental poetry?", "When do you read it?", "What do you get from it?" though in the context of "I want to love so much experimental poetry but just don't end up read it, when do you read it?"

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